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Louisville and Colinvale Court Private Nursing Homes

 Louisville: 028 9061 2018

Care Home Group Award 2018 Care Home Group Award 2019

•  Passenger lift and stairs for easy access.

•  Single person occupancy for up to 44 residents.

•  Privacy & confidentiality.

•  Full dining and laundry services.

•  Extensive seating areas and lounges.

•  Wi-Fi.

•  Daily activities and entertainment.

•  Own GP if required.

•  Palliative care.

•  Excellent public transport system.

•  Close to local shops.

•  Enclosed garden area.

•  Television point in all bedrooms.

•  Elderly care

Louisville Nursing Home's facilities include:

Before its conversion in the early 1990's, Louisville Private Nursing Home was formerly known as Louisville Convent.  Today the Home is comprised of two storeys and accommodates up to 48 residents.  40 of the bedrooms are suitable for single person occupancy with the additional 4 bedrooms available for 2 residents if required.

Elderly care at Louisville Nursing Home from Clontara Group

Louisville Nursing Home is a general category facility catering for the elderly and patients requiring full time nursing care. We have a reputation for creating a welcoming, caring and friendly environment for our residents and visitors to the Home. The majority of our residents are from the local community, which helps to create a strong bond between the patients, visitors and the staff.

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